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WestinTowardNW.jpg (61175 bytes)    WestinTowardWest.jpg (57043 bytes)    WestinTowardRiver.jpg (58844 bytes) The Westin is one of the tallest hotels on the west side of the city proper.  Being at the mouth of the Singapore River gives the viewer a great vista of this side of town.
Being a "vertical" city, the shopping malls are formed in the first 3-5 stories of the office and appartment buildings.  These "vertical" malls are all over the place.  Plenty of area to help increase the economy of Singapore.  SunTec Mall is one of the newer malls built in a series of building that resemble a hand. 

Four 45-storey office towers form the "fingers" and the 18-storey Suntec Tower Five, the "thumb" of this giant hand while the Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre is the "wrist". And in the centre, the "palm" of this hand, lies a precious ring into which fortune flows.

SuntecMallSign.jpg (54855 bytes) logo.gif (5350 bytes)
The Sign The Logo
In the middle of the SunTec Plaza sits the self-proclaimed World's Largest Fountain.  This is something to behold.   Approximately 21 meters in width, the combined water fountains cover about 61 meters of verticle distance. FountainSign.jpg (50139 bytes)   foun_day1.gif (25775 bytes)

FountainFullOn2.jpg (71619 bytes)

This is just a small sample of what the fountain looks like with it turned on.  Don't ask how many gallons per minute are used in this function.  Don't know, haven't been able to find the answer.
Feng Shui masters believe that proximity to the Fountain will give you energy and luck.
  • Ardent believers walk clockwise around the Fountain for 2 hours, between the hours of 4am and 6am, to absorb its energising properties. This will be most effective if done for 9 consecutive days.
  • It is said that for novices, walking clockwise 3 times while touching the water will serve to bring luck and blessings of fortune.
  • Touch the water of the Fountain for mental and the physical benefits of revitalisation. However, it is warned, you will only receive blessings if you approach the Fountain with a pure mind and sincere intentions!

FountainGoodLuck.jpg (59435 bytes)

WaterLaser1.jpg (28803 bytes)   WaterLaser2.jpg (35251 bytes)   WaterLaser3.jpg (33171 bytes)

In the evening, the complex uses the fine spray from the fountain as a backdrop for a laser show.  The refraction of the water through the spray gave some interesting dimensions to the show.
Enter - The Dragon

Around the Fountain Plaza are 12 bronze medallions depicting the Chinese Zodiac signs that embrace all people regardless of nationality. Walk around the Fountain Plaza and look out for the sign that matches the year of your birth: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog or Pig.

I, myself, am a Dragon.  In fact, this is the Year of the Golden Dragon - your humble host.  The Dragon symbology is below.

Inspiring, Indomitable, Brilliant, Courageous And Magnanimous. Frank, Direct, Enthusiastic And Ambitious To Accomplish Great Things.

YearOfDragon.jpg (71095 bytes)