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What should one do while in Singapore?  With many restruants to choose from and with Glenayre Sales in town, the obvious answer is:
Where ever they want to go ! ! ! !
How about the the South Coast and the Red House Restruant for some Pepper Crab

Pepper Crab - the famous dish for this retruant.   H.K. Cheong and Ken Wey look on as Bill Edwards explains what it is and how to partake.

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Since H.K. has done the ordering, there are many dishes to try.  Most of them are completely different than anything I have seen before.  Prawns........   Everyone knows about prawns.  There is one exception in this restruant - before being served, they were swimming in a tank within 20 feet of our table.  Not wanting to hold up the serving time, they were tossed into a boiling pot and served.   Bill shows us how to partake of these prawns.

We have all heard about wagering on the golf course and how the 19th hole is usually the place to pay off such wagering.  Bill Edwards was caught on film paying off his debt to Ken Wey.

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