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Singapore Cablecar is located at the south of Singapore. From Mount Faber Hill, the cableway stretches across 3 stations to the island of Sentosa. At both ends of the cableway are the Mount Faber Station and the Sentosa Station. Cable Car Towers Station, where most people start their journey, is in the middle.



Singapore has one of the largest cargo box ports in the world.  The container ships are usually lined up for miles witing to be either loaded or unloaded at the port.  This picture is from the cable car toward the docks.
From the cable car, we got this view of the Merlion.   Reported to be half lion and fish.  This 80 foot carving looks out over the sea and thereby protecting Sentosa Island from preditors.



This picture is from the cable car looking back toward Mount Faber.
The Sentosa Dragon - the symbol of Sentosa Island.   This island is basically a theme park.  There are many rides, places and things to help you depart with your money and thereby helping the local economy.  The only thing with which I helped the economy was in the purchase of a US$3 mug.



From Mount Faber toward downtown Singapore.  Looks a little overcast - and it is.  Remember, we are close to the equator and on an island.  Afternoon storms are the norm here.
I like flowers.  These are but two of the many variaties of flows found in this tropical paradise.

Flower1    Flower2


After all was said and done, it's time for E.S, Su Lee and I to relax a little with a good lunch at Clark Quay.