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The Island/Country

Singapore consists of the island of Singapore and some 60 small islands. It is situated between latitudes 1'09'N and 1'29'N and longitudes 103'38'E and 104'25'E approximately 137 north of the Equator. The main island is about 42km in length and 23 km in breadth and 586.5 sq km in area. It has a coastline of a pproximately 150.5 km. The total land area, including the smaller islands, is about 646.1 sq km or roughly that area inside I-285 in Atlanta, Georgia.  Population - a little over 3 Million.

The Trip

The trip from Atlanta to Singapore was not without complications.  Now I know that seems hard to believe, but sometimes it does - especially on Delta.

Starting off from Atlanta went very well.  Actually left the gate on time, was safely tucked into my window seat and ready to endour the 12+ hour flight to Tokyo onboard Delta 51.  About 3 hours into the flight, the captain comes on the intercom and advises us that there is an intermittent light in the cockpit that could prevent restarting an engine and, that since we are going over the ocean, he has elected to set down in Portland to correct the problem.  OK, I think, no problem - I have a 4-hour layover in Tokyo.

Airplane problem corrected in 15 minutes, however, we have to change crews because of them being over on their time window.  We be 3 hours before a new crew can get there.   Now we have a problem.  I contact the pursor and get transfered to Delta 52 which is bound for Tokyo and setting at the next gate.  Problem erased.

On the way to Tokyo, strong headwinds are encountered - layover dwindling.  Get to Tokyo at 5PM with my United flight scheduled for 5:40 - no problem - United flies out of another terminal - problem, gotta get there - Delta arranges for special bus to get myself and another passenger to the United gate - before the bus arrives, I notice that the departure time for the United flight has been re-posted for 5:25 - problem, it's now 5:15.   To make a long story short, I made it but my luggage did not.

In Singapore - fill out lost luggage paperwork - now to find the gentleman that was supposed to meet me.  No sign of him - of course it is now an hour after the plane arrived.  Find a cab and go.  Fortunately, I have an extra pair of unders, shirt and pants for tomorrow (thanks Judy).

The City

First light in Singapore - what day is it - what time is it - I'm still on Eastern Daylight Time and this town is 12 hours different.  Oh, well - I'll get used to it.   Anyhow, upon looking out the hotel window, I see a clean and bright city.  I'm going to enjoy my stay here.

HotelAtDawn.jpg (117968 bytes)

HotelAtNoon.jpg (232287 bytes)

Now I admit that the above picture is a little hard to see all of the details, so the one to the left is basically the same picture taken at noon.  Blue sky, fluffy white clouds - gonna be a great day.



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