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A city of 12 million people - mostly poor.  The "middle" class of people live very well on about $1,000 per month.  To give you an idea, cab rides have averaged about $2 to $3 for a half-hour ride. 

Shopping is an experience to behold.  There is a starting price, your bottom line offer and then you go from there.  The only places where the prices are absolutely set are in the shopping malls, however, even then most things are discounted and an additional 5 - 10% off is always a possibility.

Traffic Rules - the only rules for traffic is that there are no rules.   If there is a person whose job it is to keep traffic from entering a certain area, he advises you that you should not enter.  If you DO enter, it is not his job to stop you - that's someone elses job.  In an intersection - if you get there first, you have the right of way.  Bicycles and pedestrians are always a problem.  Yield - not on your life.

Experience the noise during a traffic jam????  Imagine that it is a way of life.  The most important parts on automobiles are the brakes and the horn.

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