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All pictures from here on out can be expanded by clicking on the picture.

Wall_First_Look.jpg (20804 bytes)

About an hour out of Beijing, we found ourselves in Ba Da Ling.  One of the fully restored sections of the 7,000km Great Wall of China.  The above was our first look.  Mr. E.S. Hair from the Singapore office and Wendy Sun (GTTI Beijing instructor) were the tour guides.

617-06.jpg (58301 bytes) Up the wall we go. 
ES leads the way up the ramp. 
Just getting started with about 3km to go and we find that this is not going to
    be a piece of cake.

We came to a rest stop - at least that's what we called it.
It was actually a bastion for the soldiers guarding the wall.
Still in good spirits.

617-04.jpg (67678 bytes)

617-07.jpg (68230 bytes)

Onward and upward
This gives you an idea of just how steep some of these steps actually are.
Starting to work up a good sweat.

Ah, yes - another rest stop.
Looking toward the Southern wall.
Don't think we will have time (or energy) to make that trek.

617-08.jpg (53748 bytes)

617-09.jpg (86165 bytes) Finally made it to the top of the restored sectional.
This picture is looking toward some of the unrestored section.
Of the 7km length, only a small portion has been restored.

A great rest stop on the city side of the wall.
ES took this picture with me, Dawn and Wendy.
Shade, Sitting down, fresh bottle of water.
All greatly appreciated before ES takes us on the next leg.

617-10a.jpg (50200 bytes)

617-11.jpg (77443 bytes) Another shot of the unrestored section from across the valley.
We are at an elevation of about 3500 meters at this point.
Also, not on the wall but on a path that ES found.

Outside the wall heading back.
On the right side of the picture you can see the rest stop.
At the top of the picture, you see the top where we must go before
starting back down.  Whoa is me and my knees.

617-13.jpg (68399 bytes)

617-14.jpg (77215 bytes)

While walking along the path back to the rest stop,
this site struck me as a neat picture, so I took it.

Yea - coming back down.
Actually harder to navigate that huge steps.
ES looks like he has conquered the world.

617-15a.jpg (65369 bytes)

617-16a.jpg (80612 bytes)

Back at the bottom.
Time for some R&R and lunch.
Stay tuned, the day isn't over, yet.  The Ming Tombs are next on the list.